Project Manager
HefeiSupply ChainCollege
Job Responsibilities:
  • 1. Responsible for team project management, formulate project plans and organize implementation, supervision, and timely adjustment.
  • 2. Project cost assessment, and project cost management.
  • 3. Identify project risks, and organize everyone to discuss and formulate solutions.
  • 4. Organize Project-related regular meetings, project review meetings and project summary meetings.
  • 5. Responsible for regularly tracking and managing project implementation progress and reporting to superiors, coordinating problems encountered in the process of progress management.
  • 6. Responsible for project problem statistics, real-time delivery to the R&D department and Track results.
Job Requirements:
  • 1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics or optics.
  • 2. More than three years of hardware project management experience, experience in vehicle project management is preferred.
  • 3. Familiar with the automotive industry system IATF16949, APQP process, etc..
  • 4. Strong execution ability and passion , Can bear hardships and stand hard work, be proactive and have a strong sense of responsibility.
Immediate delivery